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What makes me special?

What makes you special? 

We are all special, and if we can't make somebody else feel special, we are doing something wrong.

I pride myself of being real, being humble and being kind and I couldn't imagine being any other way.

It is only a few weeks now until Christmas, and I know many of us will be with family, but there will also be some of us that will spend Christmas or vacation time alone.

If you know someone alone now, or who is going to be alone this Christmas. Reach out to them and share a little kindness as you never know how special a little effort can make someone feel.

I will be in Phuket, Thailand from Dec 14th until early January. If you are coming through, let me know, it would be more than an honour to share a special Christmas cheer!

Until then, keep making people feel special! 

Rene Joile x |

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