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International Travel Companion 🌐🌹

I feel like the luckiest international lady in the world lately. I am making fabulous new friends in exciting cities allover the world! 

As I write this, I am getting ready to check out of a London hotel to catch a flight to the Carribean for a few weeks. I can't wait! 

For the first time, I am visiting Jamaica, 8 islands actually and one of the resorts I am going to is a nudist resort. I'm feeling shy just thinking about it, but I am sure once the warm air and salt water hits my naked body, all my anxiety will be swept away 😘

From there, I am going directly to Seoul for a few days to 'cool down', yes, it's sooo cold there. So cold, I had to do a days shopping to pack my suitcase with warm clothes to wear. 

As you know, I reside in SE Asia and the weather very rarely drops below 25° so temperatures close to ZERO will add a crisp chill to my nipples. 

I will be briefly in Singapore mid March, after Seoul, with lots of time to thaw out by the pool where ever I stay.. Be in touch if you are in Singapore and fancy dinner arrangements, or perhaps a few hours by the pool together. 

Saigon is my secret romance. I can not get enough of the coffee in Vietnam. I love it! 

If you are in Ho Chi Minh City, and have a few hours, let's share them and do something a little nice, or a little naughty together.. Actually anything in Vietnam that isn't just 'tea' is naughty, so respect my screening requirements to meet me in Vietnam.

Mid year I will be in the USA. Speaking of naughty... my screening requirements for the USA are ridiculous, so if you are in America, any state, contact me almost immediately by email, or you will miss enjoying my sexy Australian charm

I will be flying through New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Dallas, LA, San Diego, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Flights are easy there, so I will happily fly to you if you plan ahead.

Gents inquiring for India, please be aware my minimum requirement is 3 days and 2 nights. The same for anywhere in Europe. Screening and prepayment are required. 

The monsoon season is getting close in Asia, from April actually, so if you are looking for to go on a tropical holiday together, I can't accept any holiday invitations from now (my schedule is full) until October, when the monsoon season has finished. This includes Thailand and Maldives. 

If you still fancy a holiday, Europe goes into Summer, but please contact me soon as already June and July is almost fully booked.. I will be in Amsterdam early May and Spain July, so if you are on that side of the world contact me. 

Wow! What a read!

As always, please choose to use my email  or contact form  to make an initial inquiry.

I really look forward to joining you,


Rene xx 

* recent verification photo taken in phuket x

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