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Do gentlemen prefer blondes?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

That is a fun question, and the answer may surprise you. According to research from the University of British Columbia, men are less likely to select blondes as potential partners in romantic relationships than women with other hair colors. The preferences for brunettes and redheads ranged between 7-15%, depending on ethnicity, while blondes were preferred only 3-5% of the time. So, while gentlemen may not necessarily prefer blondes, they are certainly open to various other hair colors.

When it comes to attractiveness, research shows that men prefer women with long and thick hair. Long tresses convey youthfulness and fertility, so this could explain why some men gravitate towards blondes more than other hair colors. According to a study from the University of Sussex, men find women with longer hair more attractive and this holds true regardless of their own hair color or ethnicity.

While it appears that men are not necessarily biased towards any one hair color, there could be some cultural influences at play. Society often portrays blondes as being particularly attractive and this could be influencing men's preferences. There is also evidence that suggests men are drawn to bright colors, which is why some may prefer lighter hair tones.

Regardless of the reasons behind it, it seems clear that men don't have a preference exclusively for blondes when it comes to attraction. They may be more likely to find women with longer hair attractive regardless of their own hair color or ethnicity. Ultimately, this means that all women should feel confident in expressing their individual style and embracing whatever hairstyle makes them happy.

Additionally, studies have shown that men also appreciate other features such as a woman's smile and confidence. This further demonstrates the importance of feeling comfortable in our own skin and being proud of who we are, no matter what hair color or style we have. After all, beauty comes from within!

I have been both a blonde, and a brunette, and I can't say my life has been better either way. However, I do feel more confident when my hair is styled and colored the way I like it. Therefore, no matter what your preference is, I'll keep being a blonde, well at least for now!

Rene Joile

International Travel Companion

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