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Loves Sweet Goodbye

Poetry by Rene Joile 2024

In the hush of night, she wept alone,

Her heart aching, her spirit flown,

Once intertwined, their souls in dance,

Now shattered dreams, a fleeting chance.

Through whispers lost in silent air,

She mourns the love no longer there,

Memories like shadows cast,

Fading fast, the echoes past.

With every tear, a melody,

A mournful tune of what could be,

In every breath, a whispered sigh,

A lament for love's sweet goodbye.

Yet in the depths, a flicker bright,

A hope reborn, a guiding light,

For in her sorrow, she finds her song,

A symphony of strength, though love has gone.

So let the winds of time erase,

The pain of loss, the empty space,

For in her heart, a melody so true,

She finds the strength to start anew.

As dawn breaks, she rises tall,

Embracing fate, she stands enthralled,

For in her veins, courage anew,

A phoenix rising, from ashes, true.

~ Rene Joile 2024

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