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Ode to a Siren

The moment the door opens and you set eyes on her, feels like being in a whirlwind, butterflies in your stomach, desperately trying to take in all her beauty while she beckons you inside.

Melbourne High Class

As you seat yourself, you take in all her visage. Striking whilst welcoming, at once. Once she puts you at ease, you feel her deliberate actions, gently moving you to her chamber.

She reaches across to place her glass down and you’re struck by the perfume on her wrist, like a hunter’s tranquilliser dart.

She disappears momentarily and returns in all her sensual splendour. Pausing while you drink her eroticism in like a dehydrated prisoner, making the moment, an ornament.

You glimpse in the mirror whilst in her embrace, the brain not being able to process her lustful throes, with her tenderness. You feel like a mirage but your masculine senses know different. You feel the hot breath of her moans, pouring like honey on your body.

Whilst floating in a psychadelic cloud, you sense her take control of your being, steering the tempo of your feelings like a conductor bringing a symphony to its crescendo.

Suddenly your grinding bodies shudder dramatically as you reach a feeling of euphoria that tosses you around like giant wave.

As you start to surface from the sea of never ending electricity, you sense her warmly embracing you, calmly bringing you back to your safe harbour, her diamond earrings shining like a lighthouse, grabbing your attention like a phantom of delight, an apparition of amorous art.

As you leave her domain with her farewelling you with the tenderness of a grateful lover, you spin around and run back, only now able to find the superlatives for her.

Entering the room you see curtains billowing against he moonlit sky, outside the open balcony door.

You frantically look for her when the sparkle of a diamond earring on the floor, strikes your eye.

You stand frozen trying to comprehend, when it suddenly hits you like a ghost walking over you.

You hurriedly leave with the realisation ............. you never chose her, she chose you.

(story submitted by a lover - thank you)

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