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Global Luxury Companion
and  Professional Girlfriend
rene joile professional girlfriend for hire

Welcome to, the official website for Rene Joile.

Rene is a global luxury companion and professional girlfriend for hire, renowned for exceptional discretion. She regularly travels internationally to meet distinguished gentlemen and offers her services from Melbourne, Australia to selected cities globally, including Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, Dubai, London, Zurich and many more.


If you are looking for a quiet escape from the office or want someone special by your side while exploring something new - Rene is that special someone! With a wealth of experience, she has all the secrets to life's little secret adventures ensuring you will find a reason to play, but also to relax. Rene will, no matter where you go, make time feel exciting, yet familiar.


So if you are considering company between engagements in Australia, Asia, UK and or Europe, Rene is the lady you must contact today. She is passport ready, and a well presented, easy going companion and a lady you can rely on. She is trustworthy, capable, yet elusive and exclusive, and she is waiting to hear from you now.

Without a doubt, the lovely Rene is one of the very few Elite Luxury Companions in Australia, available worldwide, and on first contact, you'll understand why. Rene is a well-travelled, well-versed and elegantly presented lady glowing in her late 40's. She is an open-minded, lifestyle companion who possesses a great sense of humour, with an element of surprise ;-)

Rene is a true connoisseur of the finer things in life, with a wide range of interests ranging from art & culture, photography and music to travel, cuisine and fashion. She is well educated in many aspects of life which makes her an excellent companion for any event. 


As a professional girlfriend for hire, Rene's passion is to satisfy the desires of well-established gentlemen in search of an alluring, captivating and engaging encounter with a beautiful mature lady. Rene prides herself on exceeding expectation and she's committed to giving every single client the most memorable experience. 

Don't miss this opportunity to CONTACT RENE NOW as today can be the first day an exciting new journey with a woman of unparalleled beauty and class. Experience the true glamour, sophistication and elegance that Rene has to offer! 


Experience something extraordinary... Contact Rene now!

Dear Sir,


I am flattered you have taken the time to view my site. Thank you!

Please rest assured that your inquiry will be only be handled by me and with absolute discretion. I do my best to reply within 24-48 hours to emails received. By emailing via this website ensures your email will be received and not end up in spam.

I encourage you to share as many details that you feel comfortable with, especially city and date of proposal, including any questions or concerns you may have.

I look forward to meeting you, and again, I thank you for the opportunity of friendship, and of building something new and exciting between us, no matter of your nationality or where in the world you are.


Warmly yours,

Rene Joile

Rene is an expert lifestyle companion providing trusted, discrete personal services worldwide. She is available to established businessmen and gentlemen, seeking an exceptional encounter with an experienced professional girlfriend, and beautiful mature lady comfortably in her late 40's.


Rene firmly believes that everyone possesses the potential to lead a truly fulfilling life and is passionate in assisting you in achieving that reality. Her warm and inviting nature will make you feel at ease and welcomed. With a discerning eye for detail, she loves to plan unique experiences tailored to each individual client. 

"Let Rene be your professional Girlfriend with a Twist"


Rene's passion is in helping others achieve their desires by unlocking inhibitions that comes from comfortably sharing intimate moments with a beautiful mature lady. Through meaningful conversations and gentle touch, Rene offers a diverse range of personal services, that will exceed any expectation of engaging a professional girlfriend and or travel companion for various occasions. Be it for discrete business trips, special events or personal companionship services in Australia, and worldwide, Rene will more than satisfy.

Engaging professional girlfriend services with Rene promises an unforgettable companionship experience, encompassing everything you desire, from romantic dining to discrete business getaways,  exclusive travel companion, professional girlfriend services and intimate coaching services.

"Explore the World with Rene by Your Side"


Rene, with her calm presence and captivating personality, promises that each and every encounter with her will be delightfully etched in your memory for many years to come.


Dear Sir,

If you feel the urge to inquire further, I wholeheartedly encourage your curiosity, and I am more than happy to help plan the perfect time together.

Warmly yours,

Rene Joile



"Ready for an Alluring Encounter?"

Contact Rene and Make Magic Happen RIGHT NOW.

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contact rene

If you're interested in meeting Rene Joile in Australia or worldwide, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Rene is always happy to hear from new clients and answer any questions you may have. You can reach her by WhatsApp, email, or by filling out the contact form below.

Thanks for submitting!

When contacting me (Rene), please allow up to 48 hours for a email reply, and up to 24 hours for a WhatsApp or SMS reply as I am not instantly available due to commitments.

It is preferable you include basic contact etiquette, including your name, and details of a proposed engagement, especially an approximate date, city, and country.

Emails and messages that contain basic contact etiquette will receive a reply. Chat-type messages, or photo requests will be delivered to spam. 

Thank you for your understanding. Rene xx

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